TDHS has published a number of books about Toowong and the surrounding district (which includes the current suburbs of Auchenflower, Milton and part of Mt Coot-tha). 

Reminiscences Series : Memories of the Toowong Community (Volumes 1-4)
Edited by Leigh Chamberlain and Lindy Salter
This series is based upon material collected through the Toowong and District Historical Society’s Oral History Project. Content includes reminiscences of childhood and of growing up, memories of the local neighbourhood; of school days and of going to church, of playing sport and of involvement in the local community. Some family histories are also included.

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Toowong – Snapshots in Time (Volume 1)
Stories from:
Dulcie Meiklejohn | Ruth and Lionel Sapsford | Don Cowley | Richard Paynter | Ron Gubby | Nell Higgins | Edith Wood and Barbara Lovelock | Joan Godfrey | Alex Pascoe | Muriel Thick | Clyde and Bruce Wilkie | Mavis Anning | Heather Jean Broom | Hilda Symonds | Elsie Miskin
112p, ISBN 0-9757980-0-6
$25.00 per book (plus postage and handling charge)
This book has 15 stories which include the following:
• The Griffith and Cowley families
• The Gubby family of Union Street
• The Wood family of Mt Coot-tha
• Paynter: Toowong's original carrier
Toowong – The Road to Everywhere (Volume 2)
Stories from:
Loddie Tonge | Peggy Thomson | Shirley Wright | Mona Lewis | Adrian Field | Bob Bray | Sisters M. Bernadette and M. Whelan | Len Huxham | Roslyn Cumming | Les and Glad Randall | Beau Palmer | Henrietta McLellan | Arthur Hinsbey | Joyce Glassop
114p, ISBN 0-9757980-1-4
$25.00 per book (plus postage and handling charge)
This is the second publication for TDHS and opens a window on the past by providing an insight into the lives of some of Toowong's earlier residents.
Toowong – Down the River Road (Volume 3)
Stories from:
Rose McLelland | Rad Guerin and Denis Casey | Alan Muir | Peggy Martin | Enid Carr | Jean Cranley | Pat Vidgen | Alice Andrews | Marjorie and Joe Stick | Merle Hammond | Rosalie Chandler | Jean Harding | Thelma Campbell
114p, ISBN 978-0-9757980-3-0
$25.00 per book (plus postage and handling charge)
More stories about Toowong families are documented in this book, including the Standring, Holdway and Campbell families, Edwin Isaac Shenton Harding, Lanham, Jenkins and Harding families as well as memories of fire fighting, music lessons and shopping.
Toowong – A Tram Ride from the Past (Volume 4)
Stories from:
Shirley Lahey | Cecily Walker and Erl Roberts | Eris Jolly | Beth Acton | Stuart Roden | Dorothy Beavis | Gwen Patterson | Kath Handy | Charles Rowe | Ray Wall | Ron Archer | Pat and Beverley Bailey, and Ron Archer | Marcia Dunning | Glen Butler | Zena Tomkins | Les Dallinger | Percy Hanlon
149p, ISBN 978-0-9757980-4-1
$25.00 per book (plus postage and handling charge)
Few young people today will realise that Brisbane once had trams. While this book continues the family theme of Volumes 1 and 2, it also includes stories about the transport options available to Toowong residents.
Toowong – Heritage Architecture and Street Art: A self-guided tour of Toowong
by Michael Michaux
30p, ISBN 978-0-975780-5-8
$15.00 per book (plus postage and handling charge)
This is an excellent book for learning more about the unique architecture and street art of the district.
Charles Patterson, Toowong resident, sawmiller, contributor
Malcolm Finlayson's address to the Toowong and District Historical Society
edited by Leigh Chamberlain & Percy Hanlon
71p, ISBN 0-9757980-7-2
$18.00 per book (plus postage and handling charge)
Long time Toowong residents of Brisbane, in particular, will be familiar with Patterson's Timber. This book documents the story of the founder of the family, Charles Patterson, who arrived in 1871 and soon made his mark in the Toowong area.
The Laugher sisters of Toowong and their park
by Leigh Chamberlain
171p, ISBN 0-9757980-8-9
$30.00 per book (plus postage and handling charge)
The little known story of the Misses Laugher, three spinsters whose dedicated and unsung assistance to community organisations had been almost forgotten due to the passage of time, is now told for the first time. These three elderly ladies lived in two architecturally distinctive houses on a property that later became part of a park reserve recently named as Laugher Park. The book also recounts the story of white settlement on the vicinity of where they lived which dates back to 1854 when parcels of Crown land were first sold as freehold, and then further subdivided.
Toowong Memorial Park
by Bruce Sinclair
70p, ISBN 0-9757980-9-6
Out of Print
In November 2011, the Avenues of Palms was re-instated by the Brisbane City Council and rededicated at a special ceremony held at Toowong Memorial Park. This book traces the acquisition of the land occupied by the park and its history, and includes the Roll of Honour of the 101 servicemen from the Toowong area whose names are included in the Soldier's Memorial.
Cradle to Grave - Toowong Council
compiled by Melva A Welch OAM
165p, ISBN 0-9872487-0-1
/ $30 per book plus postage and handling charge) Limited Quantities Available
Toowong Council operated from the latter half of the 19th century until September 1925, when it was merged into the Greater Brisbane Council.
The Cocks' Family Tree
compiled by Deborah Drummond
35p, ISBN 9872487-1-8-20
$20.00 per book (plus postage and handling charge) Limited Quantities Available
This intriguing book tells the story of Toowong grocers, Richard and Mary Ann Cocks, their family and the background to Mrs Cocks' tree.

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